About Us

Rigid Global Components was launched in December 1999 as a subsidiary of Rigid Global Buildings in Houston, Texas.  Fred Campana and Alex Ghodsi originally founded Rigid as an engineering company engineering complex and simple metal buildings with the expectation to one day have their own metal building manufacturing facility.  Once their dream of having their own metal building manufacturing facility became a reality they realized it was only natural to also offer a complete line of metal building components including metal roofs, metal wall panels and secondary structural framing including cees, zees, purlins and girts; and thus Rigid Global Components was born.

Today, Rigid Global Components is run by Duke Santillan - General Manager.

duke santillanDuke has been working with the Rigid team since the inception of Rigid Global Components.  Working his way from Sales Manager to General  Sales Manager Duke knows and understands the importance of details and excellent customer service.

Duke started selling metal building components in December of 1980.   In July of 1999 he came to Rigid with a co-worker attempting to sell Fred Campana and Alex Ghodsi cold form to go along with their pre-engineered buildings. At that time Rigid was running their own panels and trim. Rigid did not have a roll former for their cold form.  After that meeting Duke was given the opportunity to become a part of the new components division of then Rigid Building Systems - Millennium.  He became a full-time employee of Rigid on 01 September 1999 and has been a part of the Rigid team ever since.

An experienced team of managers, foremen, operators and support staff are eager to prove our commitment to quality and service.  Ultimately, it is our customers that drive our business.  Fulfilling their expectations and business needs is our goal.  Providing metal roofing products of the highest quality, innovative and friendly customer service, timely deliveries and complete orders for each project will help ensure our place as the premier supplier in the areas we serve.

Advanced technology and a computerized tracking system allow Rigid to obtain immediate information about transactions from sales to deliveries to ensure the completeness of each order.  Using technology to build a better product and managing the supply chain is one of the hallmarks of the operations at Rigid.  To learn more or get started on your metal roofing project give us a call or come in and see us today.

To learn more about complete metal building systems please visit the Rigid Global Buildings.