Hi-Tech Panels: Superior Metal Roofing

Here at Rigid Global Components, we know that quality engineering makes a quality part. One of our patented metal roof panel designs stands apart from the rest of our metal roofing selection: the Hi-Tech Standing Seam Metal Roof System. Designed for easy assembly and superior wind and weather protection, our Hi-Tech metal roof panels offer many advantages over conventional roofing options.

Its All in the Seams

The power of Rigid’s Hi-Tech panels lies in its versatile and unique seam design. The Hi-Tech Standing Seam Roof panel can be locked in three different fashions (EZ-Lok, Triple-Lok, and Quad-Lok) giving these panels the ability to work with a variety of roof designs.

Standing Up Against The Weather

The unique standing seam design also creates a secure seal that protects against the worst climate conditions. The Hi-Tech paneling system requires no extra sealant to defend against leaks and is engineered to withstand strong winds. In fact, these metal roofing panels meet the engineering requirements for the following certifications:

  • FM Windstorm Class 1-60
  • FM Windstorm Class 1-90
  • UL -90 Classification Construction No. 552
  • Corps of Engineers CEGS 07416 Uplift Test
  • ASTM E 1592 Uplift Test
  • ASTM E 1680 Air Infiltration
  • ASTM E 1645 Water Leakage
  • ASTM E 108 Class A Spread of Flame Test and Series of Hail Tests Class 1-SH
  • FM 4471 Uplift

Energy Efficiency

Just like many of our other roof systems, Hi-Tech paneling can be made more energy efficient by choosing higher Energy Star Rated color choices. Rigid Components offers 13 Energy Star approved colors for all of the Stand Steam metal roof profiles, so that you give your roof an elegant look while cutting energy costs.

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