Metal Buildings Manufacturer Designs Self-Storage Building Systems

A self-storage facility is a safe and reasonably affordable investment that can generate income for decades to come. Metal buildings serve as excellent self-storage building systems, requiring minimal maintenance and providing optimal structural integrity.

Rigid Global Buildings is a leading metal buildings manufacturer and supplier serving customers throughout the country. We have designed and manufactured hundreds of self-storage systems throughout the years, providing clients with an affordable, sturdy, and fast alternative to traditional construction. The main advantages of our pre-engineered self-storage systems are the ease with which you can add-on to the building, the minimal maintenance, and the quick turn-around time.

Easy to Maintain

One of the main benefits of owning a steel building is how minimal maintenance is compared to conventional buildings. As long as your metal building is properly protected from precipitation, it can withstand all of nature’s elements with ease. Rigid’s metal buildings are all designed to minimize moisture buildup, thereby drastically reducing the possibility for corrosion.

The materials with which we make are building components are particularly strong and can be recycled after the building is no longer needed. The only recommended maintenance is an annual cleaning and basic repairs in the event that minor damages are incurred.

Easy to Assemble

Extensive design knowledge and manufacturing capabilities allow us to make self-storage systems that are easy to assemble. Systems can be manufactured to accommodate multi-story designs and climate controlled units. Our engineering expertise allows us to design buildings that simply require assembly, resulting in a much lower turn-around time that traditional construction.

Moreover, our team will work closely with General Contractors to ensure that our systems are correctly assembled and rectified, guaranteeing both safety and quality.

Easy to Modify

The beauty of pre-engineered metal buildings lies in the facility with which they can be disassembled and added on to. Our building components are especially designed to work with various frameworks, allowing us to design an extension to your existing self-storage system that can be quickly added without causing unnecessary disruptions to current operations. With a pre-engineered self-storage building system, expanding your business is easy and affordable.

For more information regarding Rigid’s capabilities as a metal buildings manufacturer or to learn more about our self-storage building systems, please call 1-888-467-4443 (1-888-G0-RIGID), or browse our site.

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